Fresh Lime Soda episode 4: Goofing about on video

Whilst we were both in London – Steph’s staying with Suw at the moment – we decided to have a play with our MacBooks and iMovie and do a little a video entry for your delight and delectation. OK, maybe ‘delectation’ is putting it a bit strongly. Still, we hope you enjoy watching our 20 minutes of (almost content-free) silliness as much as we enjoyed putting it together, although please do forgive us the cheesy ending. (I want it on the record that the ending was all Steph’s idea – Suw.)

Here are the show notes:

Joi wondering if saving the internet is “doing the right thing” for him now
– being self-conscious
The Homeless Guy
– danah boyd’s post on anti-social networks legislation
– data packages with cellphones, pricing predictability
– going no-car (Steph’s long post around that), Mobility and Zipcar
which side of the road do we drive, and why?
– Walk. On. The. Left.
– not wanting to talk about “brand” and “attacking niches”

You may download the iPod version (22min, 131Mb) or the higher resolution version (22min, 117Mb).



  1. vivdora said

    T’was good the slightly self conciousness was endearing and a bit of silliness is refreshing

  2. Martin said

    Very nice. You said you couldn’t do video when you are in Lausanne and England. Well… you could: if each one of you took a one-person-video while you are having the conversation and you stuck it together afterwards…

  3. Rupert said

    That was great 🙂 You should do it more often – and you *can* do it live together, there are more and more tools to do it. You can be Ustreaming and skype videoing at the same time…! But it works pretty well with you both in the same room, and maybe it’d be odd with split screen.

    I love the break point about 2 minutes in… you’re both looking like you’re thinking “Oh, jesus, what are we doing” and when the other person is talking you’re thinking “What should I be doing now??” and then you suddenly start talking about feeling self-conscious and it stops you feeling self-conscious – then you start getting comfortable.

    But you’re naturals. And it gets easier and easier the more you do it.

    Anyway, I think you’re on the money about saving the internet. There are a lot of people out there saving the world – but the internet needs driven people who understand to help keep open to serve *everyone* in time. Sometimes, it feels too much like a geek ghetto – see the post yesterday on about this very thing… but actually, it’s going to fulfil the democratic dreams in time.

    As for phones, I have a Nokia N93 with wifi and 3G, and I don’t ever use my 3G, just my home wifi and hotspots around London – cafés mostly. For free. I’m shooting and cutting short daily videoblogs on my Nokia N93 phone and posting them by wifi every day, superfast – and using the web. You’re right – 3G sucks. Wifi in phones is going to dominate, I reckon. With the Nokias and others already out there, and iPhone with wifi on the way, I think those 3G licenses that the phone cos bid so much money for, are going to start looking a bit pricey.

    Anyway, great stuff – keep it up 🙂

    Oh, and if you do video again, you should check out – you can upload, they will convert to Flash for easier viewing on the web and give you video player embed code for your blog post.

  4. leo said

    Very funny! Even it might be a bit unpolite to point at me with your fingers 😉

    I really enjoyed this one, but the audio-podcast is ways more informativ. So please not too many videocasts, even when they are more fun (to make and to watch).

    And by the way Steph, I whish my English where only half as good as yours.

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