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Fresh Lime Soda episode 6: Are presentation slides evil?

Welcome to another FLS video episode filmed on Suw’s sofa and containing some goofing off. This time, though, we get down to a serious discussion — well, as serious as we ever get — about whether or not it’s better to use slides when giving a presentation. We also give our top five (or in Steph’s case, six) tips for giving talks, and Suw promises to try using slides at her next talk.

Now, we’ve decided to experiment with the new video hosting service, Viddler, because it allows for you to leave comments which are tied to a specific point of time in the video, and allows us to add time-based tags too. It also allows you to link to and embed videos starting from a particular frame, not just from the beginning. Neat!

Unfortunately, though, WordPress in all its wisdom and glory doesn’t allow us to embed the video here for your delectation. Apparently this is a “feature” that prevents malicious code from being embedded in WordPress blogs. Personally, I class anything that gets in my way as bug, and this is getting in my way like an elephant in a lift. Colour me annoyed. Still, all you have to do to enjoy our video is click on any one of the lovely links scattered liberally through this blog post!

UPDATE: Viddler now produces a special code to let you embed videos in WordPress. Fab!


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Fresh Lime Soda episode 5: Dragon, multitasking

Finally, after a long wait due to our joint inefficiency in getting this podcast ready for public consumption, we are proud to present episode 5 of our favourite podcast, Fresh Lime Soda, in which (this time) everything is related. (Recorded on April 25th, 2007, but don’t say it too loud — we don’t want people to know just quite how slow we are.)

Show notes:

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking: dictation speed and recognition issues
  • correcting mistakes in Dragon (impromptu tutorial) — ends around 10:20
  • multitasking: can dictation help you focus? (Web Worker Daily: Your Eyes Want to Multitask. Resist!)
  • tinnitus is in the brain; multitasking is like visual tinnitus
  • WriteRoom, choosing your interruptions
  • how Think works
  • multitasking and guilt – the expectation of instant availability
  • how to change – think about the process not the end result
  • managing interruptions: closing e-mail windows, Google notifier, e-mail notification in Adium, Twitterrific
  • back to the flow state through dictating (and maybe going to the gym?)
  • guilt and making time for blogging
  • reclaiming your blog, and the first-draft syndrome (really shitty first draft: Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott)

You may download the MP3 of Fresh Lime Soda, Episode 5 or listen to it using the player below. (12Mb, 35min)

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