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Fresh Lime Soda episode 4: Goofing about on video

Whilst we were both in London – Steph’s staying with Suw at the moment – we decided to have a play with our MacBooks and iMovie and do a little a video entry for your delight and delectation. OK, maybe ‘delectation’ is putting it a bit strongly. Still, we hope you enjoy watching our 20 minutes of (almost content-free) silliness as much as we enjoyed putting it together, although please do forgive us the cheesy ending. (I want it on the record that the ending was all Steph’s idea – Suw.)

Here are the show notes:

Joi wondering if saving the internet is “doing the right thing” for him now
– being self-conscious
The Homeless Guy
– danah boyd’s post on anti-social networks legislation
– data packages with cellphones, pricing predictability
– going no-car (Steph’s long post around that), Mobility and Zipcar
which side of the road do we drive, and why?
– Walk. On. The. Left.
– not wanting to talk about “brand” and “attacking niches”

You may download the iPod version (22min, 131Mb) or the higher resolution version (22min, 117Mb).


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