Fresh Lime Soda is a podcast by Suw Charman and Stephanie Booth covering, well, anything we think is interesting! We’re both social software consultants, Suw based in London, England and Steph in Lausanne, Switzerland, so we frequently talk about blogs, wikis, and web 2.0 tools and sites such as Twitter and Flickr. Sometimes, though, we’ll just go off on some random direction, so there’s no telling where we’ll end up next.

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Suw’s links: You can find out more about Suw via her personal blog, Chocolate and Vodka; her portfolio site, Blogiculum Vitae; and Strange Attractor, her professional blog which she writes with her partner Kevin Anderson.

Steph’s links: Stephanie usually blogs at Climb to the Stars, and occasionally gives updates on her boring life on her Cheese Sandwich Blog. Her professional site is in French, and if you want to follow every step she makes online, check out Jaiku stream.

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