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Fresh Lime Soda episode 1: Cities, geeks, security and risk

Before this podcast had a name and a place of its own online, we – that’s Suw and Stephanie – published it on our respective blogs. Here are the original posts for episode #1, recorded January 19th, 2007:

Show notes:

  • San Francisco, web geek paradise
  • City sizes (see this London-SF superimposition map)
  • Segways
  • The cat/geek Venn diagram (Twitter error message)
  • I really want a Wii
  • IRC screen names
  • The difficulties of pronouncing S-u-w
  • When geeks name children: A unique identifier or anonymity?
  • Stalkers and geo-information
  • Perceptions of security
  • Giving out your phone number and address, and personal boundaries
  • Airport security (background…)
  • Risk and expectations of risk
  • Death, religion, and the medical industry
  • Naming our podcast… something about blondes, apparently
  • Clueless marketeering from the Fabric nightclub in London
  • The repercussions of having a blog that people think is influential (even if you don’t think it is)

And here be the audio file for Fresh Lime Soda, episode 1 (39:58m).


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