Fresh Lime Soda episode 5: Dragon, multitasking

Finally, after a long wait due to our joint inefficiency in getting this podcast ready for public consumption, we are proud to present episode 5 of our favourite podcast, Fresh Lime Soda, in which (this time) everything is related. (Recorded on April 25th, 2007, but don’t say it too loud — we don’t want people to know just quite how slow we are.)

Show notes:

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking: dictation speed and recognition issues
  • correcting mistakes in Dragon (impromptu tutorial) — ends around 10:20
  • multitasking: can dictation help you focus? (Web Worker Daily: Your Eyes Want to Multitask. Resist!)
  • tinnitus is in the brain; multitasking is like visual tinnitus
  • WriteRoom, choosing your interruptions
  • how Think works
  • multitasking and guilt – the expectation of instant availability
  • how to change – think about the process not the end result
  • managing interruptions: closing e-mail windows, Google notifier, e-mail notification in Adium, Twitterrific
  • back to the flow state through dictating (and maybe going to the gym?)
  • guilt and making time for blogging
  • reclaiming your blog, and the first-draft syndrome (really shitty first draft: Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott)

You may download the MP3 of Fresh Lime Soda, Episode 5 or listen to it using the player below. (12Mb, 35min)


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