Fresh Lime Soda episode 3: Fresh lime soda, Twitter, bad marketing, you can’t beat being there

We’re very happy to tell you that for this third episode, we’ve found ourselves a name: Fresh Lime Soda. Cool and fizzy with a dash of lime. Episode 3 was recorded on March 14, 2007. Your hosts are, as always, Suw Charman and Stephanie Booth.

Show notes:

You may download the MP3 of Fresh Lime Soda, Episode 3 or listen to it using the player below. (14Mb, 40min)



  1. I just subscribed to your Podcast:
    However only the first episode appears as you can see above. I checked your RSS feed: and only the first episode has a enclosure tag, can you fix this so that I can see the rest of your episodes?


  2. Steph said

    Hi William! Yeah, sorry for the problem. If you use the feedburner feed you should be ok:

  3. No problem! Thanks for fixing the feed. It is working fine now!

  4. Len said

    Merci pour votre mots sur Twitter. J’ai trouve un Twitter par Stephanie
    et je l’ai ajuter comme amie parce que je parle francais un peu et
    je voudrais practiquer la langue de temps en temps. Donc, j’ai
    mentione SB dans mon propre podcast hier, Audio Pod Chronicles, ici: . Bonne chance!

  5. Len said

    BTW, I’m listening to #3 on headphones, and the volume seems to
    be too high, clipping a bit, on Suw’s voice, but Stephanie’s is fine. You
    might want to try the Levelator, free software from Gigavox, which
    takes a .wav file of two speakers and transforms the file into a new
    one in which the two voices are balanced.
    Levelator link:

  6. Suw said

    Len, the problem with Episode 3 was that I had a new headset and had the mic input was turned up a bit too high – I didn’t realise until afterwards. I actually spent a lot of time and effort Audacity trying to make it sound a bit better (using separate tracks for both of our voices), and the current version is a lot better than what I had originally. I’m sure the next episode will sound better as I crawl up the audio editing learning curve.

  7. leo said

    Thanks for episode 3, it’s always a pleasure for me to listen to you. Even I was not agree with any point.

    So, just me 2 cent: I think that the word “friend” is used to often in social software. Often the designer mean “people I know” and use “friend”, but what a friend is might be very diverent from one cultur to an other. Over her (in Australia) I call nearly everone a mate (what might be not translated as friend, but might be something similar), but back I switzerland I will call a very few people my friend.

    The google thing is that I love google. Like all off us. And we might switch to a other company if google will suck, but other (our mother and grandmothers) may not have this choices. However perhaps we can not switch too, because all our stuff (analytics, documents, picture, videos) might run on there servers. And probably we don’t gona notice when they change some links in their result, for what reason ever. I’m definitely scared about the futur of google, they will be to big.

    Copyright depate is a never ending story. They are quite a few intresting points in this podcast. I heard about this studie that people how download buy more music, however I’m not shure if this is really true. The german computer magazine c’t has a very intresting articel about how less mony a artist earns with a CD sell. The story with stealing a CD in a shop is a bit curious. For an artist it might be better when you steal the CD in the shop rather than downloading it (instead of buying it). When you steal the CD in most case its the same for the artist as when you bought it, because the shop has to pay it. (Sure that’s all heaps more complicated, but thats just an other thougth.)

    And for the end, I completly agree that the “downloader are criminals”-spot sucks! I only see this anonying clip when I buy the DVD on the downloaded version it’s cut out. So when the industrie only “mistrust” when I buy a DVD I should probably download more DVD’s.

  8. Steph said

    Leo, I’d like to respond to your point about “stealing a CD vs. downloading”. I didn’t find the original blog post of David’s where I saw this explained for the first time, but here’s the main point:

    If you steal a CD in a shop, then the shop does not know that it does not have it anymore. The shop thinks it still has a CD in stock, when it actually has none, and it does not reorder the CD. That hurts the artist much more, because maybe 20 people will go to the shop and not buy his music, because it’s not there when it should.

  9. leo said

    Ok, this might be a good point. However I think that now every shop has a ERP-System and track the current stock regularly. Probably you saw one of the guys in your local store (eg Migros) running around with a funny (ways too big) handheld device and checking the stock. No-Food stores may do this not that regularly, but I’m sure they do this as well. (not to myself: have to ask somebody how is working in a record store.)

  10. Andy Piper said

    Well done to both of you, and keep it up – I’m enjoying these. However, I disagree with the point about Twitter not being micro-blogging… it can be microblogging, just like it can act as a location-awareness service, a diary, a IM-like platform or an IRC-like platform. The question is around how people do use it, and how they should or could use it. I’m still seeing what is possible and sensible.

  11. Steph said

    Thanks, Andy! Actually, I completely agree with you that Twitter can be used for microblogging. I think, however, that describing it primarily like a microblogging service (which is what one does by saying “it’s a microblogging service”) actually helps people not get it — because there is an expectation around blogging (which could also be discussed) that it’s supposed to be somewhat interesting to the world at large…

  12. Lloyd Budd said

    I see the enclosures on each of the posts in my blog reader.

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